Working on the Baobáxia project, we have this interesting problem: If some content is added twice with different file names, it will appear in the git-annex repository as two symlinks pointing to the same file in the annex.

So far so good.

But this means that if I want to delete a file, I have two cases:

  • If this content was added only once, I need to drop the binary content with git annex drop and afterwards remove the symlink with git rm.
  • If this content exists under more than one file name, I need to remove the symlink with git rm only; I should not drop the content.

So the question is: How do I know that, apart from searching through the whole repository? Is there a more efficient way? After going through the manual I can't find it, but I may have overlooked something.

Best regards and TIA for any response Carsten Agger

Note: This question references bug #191 in the Baobáxia project,