I'm new to git annex, but I couldn't find any other posts describing this error. I just set up repositories on two external 1TB, NTFS formatted hard drives and I'm working on a windows 10 os. I followed the walkthrough, setting the repository up on one drive, then cloning it on the other, and now I'm syncing the content (I first sync then get, but the problem occurs when I use the --content flag on sync as well). After a few files are successfully transferred, the process stalls part way through a file saying an "scp error writing 'file': Permission denied"??? Git annex and git processes don't end and I need to forcefully close the terminal and unplug and replug the drive back in before I can resume. I don't know if it is something with using git annex on Windows(I was automatically put on an adjusted branch, which I don't fully understand), or the NTFS drives, or maybe the hard drive is failing. Any advice people can give would be appreciated as this issue is persistent enough (every ~3 files) that it is making git annex unusable.