I am trying to synchronize "Linux Workstation" and "Android Tablet" with annex assistant through RSync remote and my google account.

I keep failing horribly :-) I followed http://git-annex.branchable.com/assistant/remote_sharing_walkthrough/, but I seem to either do the steps in wrong order, because I never managed to materialize the files on my Android device.

Steps went thusly:

  1. L) install annex on linux and run assistant and select repository dir
  2. L) add rsync remote, set folder to android_docs
  3. L) add jabber account -> I see progress bars and it seems to sync just fine
  4. A) install annex on android, specify repository
  5. A) add the "share with other devices repository"
  6. A) login with my google account
  7. A) sync fails because I am on failing wifi network
  8. A) try to add RSync remote, accidentaly specify annex folder
  9. A) realize mistake, try to remove rsync repo
  10. A) hangs on "cleaning step"
  11. A) battery dies
  12. A) charge battery, start android, move to functional wifi network
  13. A) start annex assistant, hangs in terminal (don't remember error message :-/)
  14. A) remove repo folder from android, remove annex,download apk again, reinstall
  15. A) run annex, select folder, add the "share with other devices repository", login with google account
  16. L) See fail syncing on linux "fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists."
  17. A) android seems that it finished syncig, asks for remote repository
  18. A) specify my rsync account with correct folder "android_docs"
  19. A) Could not resolve hostname git-annex-$servername-$username$port$directory

I am starting to thing, that randomly creating and removing repositories is not the way forward, so I'd like to get to clean state and redo my setup :)