I use a backup service which mirrors the contents of directories to The CloudTM. One of the dirs I make it mirror is a directory special remote with encryption and chunking which I move data into.
Now I would like to make GA aware of the second copy that the mirroring service creates of that special remote.

I use BTRFS as the underlying FS, so my idea is it to store the special remote inside a subvolume and then snapshot it before sending it off to mirror. (The same could probably be done with hardlinks as special remotes are read- and unlink-only.) This way I've got a local directory which represents the state of the remote mirror once the service's tool is done uploading it.

My idea was to then let GA know about it in the form of a second directory special remote to give me the correct numcopies count.

The problem I have run into here is that there does not seem to be a way to get GA to "import" pre-existing state of a directory special remote. I just can't get it to recognise the existance of the keys inside it.

I could probably hack up an something that could query the mirrored keys directly and maybe make a special remote out of that but the same problem would apply here as it's still a special remote that changes outside of GA's control.

Is there a way of doing what I want that I may have overlooked? Is there a better way of making GA aware of this external copy perhaps?

Thanks, - Atemu