So much time gone by after the kickstarter and now I wanted to give it a kick finally. I set up everything on my linux desktop with no problems at all.

I configured a ssh remote with shared encryption key.

Then I tried to use this to share files with a windows Desktop. This is where problems started.

  1. Since there is no jabber sync I need to exchange keys manually. But although I read and googled for hours I just found that it would be there in the git repo somewhere in plain text. I didnt find a command to actually display it on the command line.
  2. I need to setup the (existing) ssh remote on windows manually, because I could not make the webapp recognize the ssh-keys from pageant. Also, unfortunately, all examples refer to s3. I didnt even find out which type I had to specify. There seems to be no comprehensive list of repository types for the cmdline and their required arguments respectively at all. The man page says "type=..." for the three-line description of shared encryption setups which appeared like a mockery to me. Since the remote does not have git metadata I also can not use git clone.
  3. The docs say initremote would only be used on fresh remotes, not existing ones. But enableremote only enables remotes that are already configured. So what am I to do here?

Could someone tell me please

  1. How to find the shared key
  2. How to add the ssh remote properly
  3. Where 1 and 2 are documented

Thank you!