I'm wondering how easy the addition of hashing to the directories of the objects would be.

Currently a tree directory structure becomes a flat two level tree under the .git/annex/objects directory (internals). This, through the 555 mode on the directory prevents the accidental destruction of content, which is good. However file and directory numbers soon add up in there and as such any file-systems with sub directory limitations will quickly realize the limit (certainly quicker than maybe expected).

Suggestion is therefore to change from




or anything in between to a paranoid


Also the use of a colon specifically breaks FAT32 (fat support), must it be a colon or could an extra directory be used? i.e. .git/annex/objects/SHA1/*/...

git annex init could also create all but the last level directory on initialization. I'm thinking SHA1/1/1, SHA1/1/2, ..., SHA256/f/f, ..., URL/f/f, ..., WORM/f/f

This is done now with a 2-level hash. It also hashes .git-annex/ log files which were the worse problem really. Scales to hundreds of millions of files with each dir having 1024 or fewer contents. Example:

me -> .git/annex/objects/71/9t/WORM-s3-m1300247299--me/WORM-s3-m1300247299--me