what is the work flow to get a file that is in git-annex out of there and into git? (current situation: git-annex added a bunch of pictures, later found make files in there which i'd rather have in git for proper source code control)

the most intuitive thing to do is git unannex, which at first seemed to do the right thing, but when committing there came the hook and everything was back to where it was before.

i could disable the hook as a workaround, but that doesn't smell like a good work flow.

the man page does warn that unannex is only supposed to be used against unintentional git annex adds (probably meaning that it should be used before something is committed), but the alternatives it suggests (git rm and git annex drop) don't to what i want to do.

am i missing something or is there really no work flow for this? --chrysn