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DANDI: Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data Integration is a platform for publishing, sharing, and processing neurophysiology data funded by the BRAIN Initiative. The platform is under construction with an initial release slated for end of September 2019.


allow for annonymous AWS S3 access [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Jul 7 19:50:14 2022 by yoh


registerurl: do changes in journal "in place"? [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Jul 14 13:40:14 2022
more "filesystem efficient" journalling? [projects/dandi]
Posted Wed Jul 13 16:19:53 2022 by yoh
OPT: "bundle" get + check (of checksum) in a single operation [projects/dandi]
Posted Mon Nov 25 03:26:21 2019 by yoh
assign costs per URL or better repo-wide (regexes) [projects/dandi]
Posted Fri Apr 30 13:54:28 2021 by yoh
unregisterurl KEY URL [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Feb 25 20:27:44 2021 by yoh
idea: external special remote "async" protocol for transfers [projects/dandi]
Posted Tue Jun 30 04:37:20 2020 by yoh
git-lfs special remote simpler setup [projects/dandi]
Posted Mon Sep 30 21:33:17 2019
assure correct names (and values) for special remotes parameters [projects/dandi]
Posted Wed Sep 18 17:09:09 2019 by yoh


fails to authenticate into S3 for initremote? [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Jul 7 19:56:04 2022 by yoh
performance regression? init takes times more [projects/dandi]
Posted Tue Jul 12 20:10:23 2022 by yoh
addurl --batch errors with git-annex: user error [projects/dandi]
Posted Wed Jun 8 14:05:54 2022 by yoh
get: no passphrase ask for the 2nd ssh invocation [] [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Dec 9 16:30:42 2021 by yoh


annex.stalldetection prevents git-annex get from restaging unlocked files [projects/dandi]
Posted Tue Sep 20 22:22:39 2022 by yoh
many (2x jobs?) sleeping hash-object processes? [projects/dandi]
Posted Mon Jul 25 19:17:35 2022 by yoh
initremote type=git is not working for unkn reason [projects/dandi]
Posted Wed Jun 8 15:42:56 2022 by yoh
metadata cmd. vs. --json-error-messages [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Oct 21 01:35:46 2021 by jwodder
addurl failure has empty error-messages [projects/dandi]
Posted Wed Oct 27 16:08:28 2021 by jwodder
beegfs: init tests FAIL resource busy [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Jul 1 23:44:23 2021 by yoh
be like git and ask for credentials if 404 [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Jan 21 03:26:07 2021 by yoh
fsck --key without "chunking" information in git-annex does not try chunks [projects/dandi]
Posted Tue Oct 20 23:31:20 2020 by yoh
http remotes that require authentication are not yet supported [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu Nov 28 01:01:47 2019 by yoh
addurl: content-disposition field should be taken as is without obfuscation [projects/dandi]
Posted Thu May 7 21:07:26 2020 by yoh
git-lfs remote URL is not recorded? [projects/dandi]
Posted Wed Oct 9 17:44:12 2019 by yoh