It would be nice if a clone from eg, gitlab could autoenable the git-lfs special remote. Currently, autoenable doesn't work for git-lfs special remotes at all, because the url is not stored.

What if, an url or urls passed to initremote were stored. Then when enableremote/autoenable runs, if it sees a git remote with a known url, it sets that remote up with annex-uuid and annex-git-lfs set, instead of adding a new remote. That might need changes to the Remote setup method, not sure.

Or, Remote.Git could, when enumerating remotes, call into Remote.GitLFS to check if the url is one it knows about, and if so, autoenable the special remote. Although that would mean reading remote.log when enumerating remotes, which I think is currently avoided, and might be too much overhead to add to git-annex generally for the value of this feature.

Many urls could be used to clone the same LFS repo. http(s) and ssh are the obvious two or three. Now that initremote --sameas is available, special remotes can be initialized for all the urls. The user would need to do that themselves probably.

done, the url is stored, and when there's a remote that has an url that's known to be to a git-lfs repo, that remote is automatically enabled to be used as a git-lfs special remote. --Joey