I am using a free 4shared account to test the webdav special remote export.

My repository looks like this:

% tree
├── ingit.txt
└── subdir
    └── inannex.txt -> ../.git/annex/objects/Kp/FZ/MD5E-s7--3b158c5b0a18c247ebad28c09fc3e180.txt/MD5E-s7--3b158c5b0a18c247ebad28c09fc3e180.txt

1 directory, 2 files

My webdav setup:

% git cat-file -p git-annex:remote.log                                                                                 
93522a6c-8e9f-47a1-a578-b6a18f82d429 encryption=none exporttree=yes name=4shared type=webdav url=https://webdav.4shared.com/datalad-tester/6350cc6b-2af7-41db-89cf-96c3d41f29cc timestamp=1615568357.193179854s

I can export without error, but the resulting layout on the server does not match the local worktree.

├── ingit.txt
├── inannex.txt
└── subdir

The annexed file is in the root, and the subdirectory exists, but is empty.

Git annex itself isn't happy with the result either:

% git annex fsck -f 4shared
fsck subdir/inannex.txt (fixing location log) 
  ** Based on the location log, subdir/inannex.txt
  ** was expected to be present, but its content is missing.
(recording state in git...)
git-annex: fsck: 1 failed

On repeated upload attempts to situation remains identical: the annexed files is misplaced into the root.

% git annex export HEAD --to 4shared --json --json-error-messages
{"command":"export 4shared","success":true,"input":[],"error-messages":[],"file":null}

I have no attempted a replication with another webdav service yet.


fixed --Joey