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Performance on Windows 10.0.19041 even on small text files is 10+ times slower than Git alone, and seems to have dropped over the past months of (windows, git, or git-annex developments).

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Compare performance of git add and git commit in a Git repo with vs without git annex init.

The observations below have been taken from this DataLad issue. The hardware of the test system is described over there, but only the relative performance is relevant here.

  • git init: 0.1s
  • git annex init: 5.7s

First timing info is the command executed in an annex-repo (after git annex init), the second timing is the same command executed in a plain Git repo.

after creating a 3-byte text file:

  • git add file: 1.9s (0.1s)
  • git commit file -m msg: 3.2s (0.1s)

after creating two new 3-byte test files:

  • git add .: 4.5s (0.1s)
  • git commit -m msg: 2.4s (0.1s)

after creating eight more 3-byte text files:

  • git add .: 13.1s (0.1s)
  • git commit -m msg: 1.6 (0.1s)

now adding a 225 MB binary file

  • git add binfiile: 16s (13s)
  • git commit -m msg: 2s (0.2s)

no changes

  • git commit --amend -m msg: 2s (0.1s)

So it looks as if there is a substantial per-file cost of add in an annex repo that is not explained by the underlying Git repo performance.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

  • Windows 10.0.19041
  • Git
  • git-annex 8.20210804-g1d3f59a9d

Please provide any additional information below.

The linked datalad issue has more information on the configuration of the Git installation, but that only seems to affect performance broadly, and not git-annex specifically.

I am reporting this behavior now, because it has worsened since I last looked into performance on windows. It is unclear to me, which developments have led to this (also the windows version has progressed since then). However, even back then, it looked like there is a windows-specific performance issues that cannot be explained by the general handling of crippled filesystems or adjusted branches (comparing performance on an NTFS drive mounted on Debian vs a native windows box).

Thanks for git-annex!

fixed (enable filter.annex.process) --Joey