Please describe the problem.

happens while running git annex get -J5 . on

filesystem is that NFS mounted lustre where I thought we resolved all the issues (spotted by annex test, yet to redo)

the entire run has failed with get: 128 failed

It is consistent. Tried in another dataset and after one crashed run (kerberos key timeout, leading to other errors), started a new annex get -J5 for which log in full is and which ends with get: 89 failed

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

conda linux nodep (standalone) build 8.20211012-geb95ed486 and then with another standalone build (debian, extracted on that CentOS) 8.20211117+git14-ge1f38b9dd

done provisionally, followup if further testing shows otherwise --Joey