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Now we have github action which builds git-annex with libmagic support. Unfortunately we had to "allow" git annex test to fail to proceed for now. Although it looks not that bad -- there is only one "test" which fails in various scenarios (to the total of 12 out of 704 tests failed (616.78s))

2020-10-22T18:50:07.2946875Z         storeKey when already present:                    FAIL (0.02s)
2020-10-22T18:50:07.2948174Z           .\Command\TestRemote.hs:290:
2020-10-22T18:50:07.2949772Z           failed

full log copy link to original workflow run

When I ran annex test after installing that installer in a local Win 10 VM, I have got a lesser count (8 out of 704 tests failed (1197.82s)) full log

apparently fixed; followup if it reappears --Joey