Please describe the problem.

I am trying to setup a cron job on github actions to daily test datalad against bleeding edge git-annex. All the few commands I am using are all in the workflow file:

To build git-annex I am using a singularity container (based on buster with all build-dependencies installed). While building a binary standalone package (from first prepared .dsc) 3 tests fail:

3 out of 260 tests failed (195.33s)

outside the container system is some ubuntu -- inside debian stable (buster). singularity bind mounts HOME, /tmp and passes all environment variables inside the container.

if you search for Z FAIL you would find the hit

2020-03-24T23:41:28.7154039Z     crypto:                                               [adjusted/master(unlocked) f647310] empty
2020-03-24T23:41:28.7485256Z adjust ok
2020-03-24T23:41:34.7685919Z gpg: can't connect to the agent: File name too long
2020-03-24T23:41:34.7687700Z gpg: error getting the KEK: No agent running
2020-03-24T23:41:34.7689081Z gpg: error reading '[stdin]': No agent running
2020-03-24T23:41:34.7690114Z gpg: import from '[stdin]' failed: No agent running
2020-03-24T23:41:34.7693611Z FAIL

I wonder if it relates to the discrepancy of gpg-agent running outside of the container and gpg inside the container, which I have detected when saw

2020-03-24T23:34:08.8873100Z gpg: WARNING: server 'gpg-agent' is older than us (2.2.4 < 2.2.12)
2020-03-24T23:34:08.8873946Z gpg: Note: Outdated servers may lack important security fixes.
2020-03-24T23:34:08.8875072Z gpg: Note: Use the command "gpgconf --kill all" to restart them.
2020-03-24T23:34:08.9223394Z  signfile git-annex_8.20200309+git101-ga51a94f61-1~ndall+1_source.buildinfo

in the beginning of the run, or may be just the fact that inside the container it shouldn't use gpg-agent... I wonder if there is an easy way to disable tests which would rely on having connection to gpg-agent?

FWIW, - similarish and then mitigated situation happened awhile back - the same version package builds fine using our conventional neurodebian build setup using cowbuilder (no singularity)

fixed --Joey