In DataLad we have a special mode for cloning git-annex repos called --reckless=ephemeral which we discussed with you Joey awhile back as a solution for throw away temporary copies of repos for processing in such a way that we would not need to fetch all TBs of already present on local drive data.

One gotcha is that in such a case population of .git/annex with new keys in the clone, does not inform original one about those changes. What we then need to do is to eventually run git annex fsck in original location so it realizes that it got all those possibly new keys. That might take at times quite a while.

I wondered if may be git-annex could gain some "native" support for such use-case which would avoid need for annex fsck and possibly would immediately reflect information on changes to availability either in that reckless clone (e.g. if it knows UUID of original one e.g. as stored in annex.orig-uuid config), or even in the original repo (by following the symlink or just some annex.orig-path dedicated config variable). WDYT Joey?