Ben is trying to troubleshoot an issue with ora external special remote datalad/issues/5613 which seems (I didn't check, Michael bisected) to start with 8.20200501-67-gc1cd40208 AKA 8.20200522~38

% git annex --debug copy --to inm7-storage --key MD5E-s190--e6e1f4d3923cfd861e23f0f4cb20fa03.mat     
[2021-04-28 19:04:24.889361743] /home/mih/venvs/datalad/bin/git-annex-remote-ora[1] --> TRANSFER-SUCCESS STORE MD5E-s190--e
[2021-04-28 19:04:24.889712207] /home/mih/venvs/datalad/bin/git-annex-remote-ora[1] <-- REMOVE MD5E-s190--e6e1f4d3923cfd861
[2021-04-28 19:04:24.896431701] /home/mih/venvs/datalad/bin/git-annex-remote-ora[1] --> REMOVE-SUCCESS MD5E-s190--e6e1f4d39

  content changed while it was being sent
[2021-04-28 19:04:24.944472153] process [173173] done ExitSuccess
git-annex: copy: 1 failed

so from all looks everything went well but then git-annex decided that file has changed (locally?).

Could there be more information somehow (e.g. that size changed, file disappeared, inode changed, ...)?

May be extra logging could already be triggered with some new more detailed debug info? is fixed, so done --Joey