I just wanted to have a way to manage data copying / syncing between a fileserver and my android phone. So I pushed some files on my fileserver into a git remote and added the files with the annex subcommands then cloned the git tree from my workstation which is connected to my smartphone.

Now I followed the documentation about the special remote adb and created that remote with the initremote command. When I then export I get (not available) failed errors.

Which is caused by the fact that I didn't have checked out the files on my workstation. I don't need the files on this pc so it would be stupid to checkout partially huge files there or in other words I don't need the files at that place, I don't get why the export command not has a --from option where it can get the files?

Is there a reason that does not exist and if so what would be a way to do sending files to the android device without ssh-ing into my server?