One of my collaborators needs to orchestrate data between local desktop and HPC cluster (you probably have heard enough already about some of the "experiences" with that NFS). Connection to the cluster goes through VPN, which is flaky (can fall within an hour or two) and requires 2FA to get in - so not that easy to transfer large amounts of data back and forth. BUT we were told that the same data is available via globus, without requiring VPNC. So looking at I wonder if there would be anything which would preclude having an additional special remote to provide an alternative access to the same remote (same UUID) to just take care about depositing, obtaining, and may be removing files via globus, instead of ssh. We kinda have already similarish scenarios where we publish annex via ssh, but making it available via http for downloads. If remote location is a typical indirect annex (not a super thin version of it without duplicate copy under .git/annex/objects), it should be quite easy I guess to figure out full path to the key (although might need to watch out for bare ones) -- should be as it was locally -- and just get the file via globus cli instead of ssh session. Decided to ask before jumping into trying to implement it (not that I have any globus access ATM - I think all life signs of it were gone from dartmouth sites awhile back).