The center for Reproducible Neuroimaging computation develops standards and tools to improve reproducibility. git-annex is used via DataLad and in the core of efforts such as YODA, repronim/containers, and heavily used by ReproMan.


globus special remote as a "transport" layer [] [projects/repronim]
Posted Fri Apr 5 02:25:10 2019 by yoh


not ask git credentials for password per each file [projects/repronim]
Posted Tue Sep 6 21:01:59 2022 by yoh
add --json-progress to `git annex add` [projects/repronim]
Posted Thu Apr 25 16:33:16 2019 by yoh


Unable to addurl file:/// on Windows [projects/repronim]
Posted Tue Dec 11 16:50:29 2018 by yoh


gpgconf: invalid option "--kill" (gpg 2.0.22) [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Aug 16 21:58:05 2021 by yoh
rmurl marks url not available in wrong remote [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Mar 15 22:49:57 2021 by yoh
double rsync run and test failure [projects/repronim]
Posted Tue Aug 13 15:53:35 2019 by yoh
annex sets remote (regular http) to be ignored while running in docker container [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Nov 12 18:00:16 2018 by yoh
annex init no longer generates default description [projects/repronim]
Posted Wed Jun 5 13:56:59 2019 by kyle
initial get -J on exported S3 bucket fails [projects/repronim]
Posted Thu Oct 11 23:40:55 2018 by yoh
windows: autostart for annex 64bit looks under x86 [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Jan 21 04:13:08 2019 by yoh
fails to init under a directory with a "tricky" name [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Sep 2 11:52:26 2019 by yoh
7.20181211+git29-gab4a1bed9 fails tests during neurodebian build [projects/repronim]
Posted Thu Dec 20 19:42:38 2018 by yoh
Unable to get/addurl to http link: download failed: InvalidHeader "preload" [projects/repronim]
Posted Wed Apr 10 13:30:14 2019 by yoh
3 tests fail while trying to build fresh git annex 6.20181011+git109-gff9ba1f4d [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Oct 22 18:20:13 2018 by yoh
multiple ssh prompts, and thread blocked indefinitely in an ??? transaction [projects/repronim]
Posted Thu Nov 8 18:05:54 2018 by yoh
git-annex precommit . gets stuck after likely interrupted `annex add` call [projects/repronim]
Posted Mon Mar 18 22:55:06 2019 by yoh
Regression in `find --json` output [projects/repronim]
Posted Wed Jul 3 19:50:48 2019 by kyle
add --json should provide a "note" with an error message in case of an error [projects/repronim]
Posted Thu Sep 19 18:40:01 2019 by yoh
Please include version of used to build ghc within "git annex version" [projects/repronim]
Posted Fri Nov 16 22:06:49 2018 by yoh
regression: fails to detect need for pidlock on an NSF mount [projects/repronim]
Posted Fri Aug 23 14:16:09 2019 by yoh
regression: http downloads redirecting to ftp are no longer supported [projects/repronim]
Posted Thu May 9 20:42:31 2019 by yoh