Add git hooks that are used to lockdown annexed objects. --Joey

Use cases include:

  • Setting immutable bit on systems where git-annex is given the ability to do so, to fully guard against accidental deletion in all circumstances.

  • For systems that ignore the write bit, but have some other way to prevent write to a file (eg, ACLs or something).

    Note that in such a case, git-annex init's probe of the write bit handling fails; as long as the hook is configured globally, it should run the hook instead, and if it works, can avoid direct mode.


Configs: annex.freezecontent-command, annex.thawcontent-command In these, "%path" is replaced with the file/directory to act on.

Locking down a directory only needs to do the equivilant of removing its write bit, does not need to lockdown the files within it.

It would be up to the command to decide how to handle the core.sharedRepository configuration.

These could be set in the global gitconfig file. The IncludeIf directive can be used to make them be used only for repositories located within a given mount point.

git-annex test disables use of global gitconfig settings. There would need to be a way to let it use these.


Hook would be called twice per store/drop of an annexed object, once for the file and once for the parent directory.

On windows, called four times per lock of an annexed object, to first thaw it and then freeze it. This could be reduced to 2, I think. On posix, the file is locked without being thawed, as only read access is needed.

Probably running a shell script is not too much overhead in many cases, if it was too slow, there could be a variant that is run once and fed the names of files to operate on via stdin.

These hooks may be too specific to this purpose, while a more generalized hook could also support things like storing xattrs --Joey

done.. git-annex init does run annex.freezecontent-command and if it prevents writing to a file, it will avoid setting annex.crippledfilesystem.

I didn't make git-annex test use the global git config of the hooks though, not sure if that really makes sense or is needed.