git-annex sync has been split into push/pull, but there is another split possible: git-annex sync --no-commit --no-pull --no-push --content.

That is a mouthful, so maybe it could be a separate command?

Actually, that used to sync content with older git-annex at least some of the time, but 2e984c51b65165e79c2fcd5212712ac4e73850de changed/fixed --no-pull and --no-push to also prevent syncing content. This new command would be the content-syncing part of sync only.

Also, such a command could be perhaps be more like git-annex get/drop/copy in operating on the listed files or current directory and below by default. Although that might make it difficult for it to handle sending files to exporttree remotes, which sync does with seekExportContent which operates on the whole exported tree.

What would be a good name for such a command? --Joey

How about git-annex port as it carries content over like a luggage carrier aka. porter? Another one that comes to mind is git-annex shuttle but that could be semantically too similar to git-annex assist, perhaps. --jkniiv

git-annex satisfy done --Joey