ATM, git-annex asks for a possibly stored credential for a remote per each file, even if they are to come from the same remote. IMHO it should cache for that get run the password to be reused if some next file is to be obtained from the same (git) remote.

$> git clone    
Cloning into 'sampleds'...
Username for '': yoh
Password for '': 
Fetching objects: 50, done.

$> cd sampleds 

$> git annex get *dat
Username for '': yoh
Password for '': 
get 123.dat (from origin...) 
Username for '': yoh
Password for '': 
get 1.dat (from origin...) 
Username for '': ^C

and annex --debug shows that each password prompt due to

[2022-09-06 16:58:31.99087915] (Utility.Process) process [139934] chat: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","-c","annex.debug=true","credential","fill"]

and wondered if such excessive prompting could be avoided without engaging git credentials caching functionality.

fixed --Joey