Was unsure yesterday if my transferrer pools code would just work, or would be horribly broken and need a lot of work to get going. It was a complex change involving both high-level STM code and low-level pipes and fds. Well, it almost worked 100% first time, I just had a minor issue in my fd setup to fix. Everything else seems to work perfectly. Very happy how that went!

Improved support and documentation for using the OSX app and Linux standalone tarball at the command line. Now it's sufficient to just put their directory into PATH, rather than using runshell.

The webapp's form for adding a removable drive now allows specifying the directory to use within the drive (default "annex").

When the drive's repository already exists, and it's not a repository that git-annex knows about, it confirms that the user wants to combine its contents into their repository.

(Should probably implement this same check when adding a ssh remote.)

Off to Boston!