Getting back to the repository removal handling from Sunday, I made the assistant detect when a repository that has been marked as unwanted becomes empty, and finish the removal process.

I was able to add this to the expensive transfer scan without making it any more expensive than it already was, since that scan already looks at the location of all keys. Although when a remote is detected as empty, it then does one more check, equivilant to git annex unused, to find any remaining objects on the remote, and force them off.

I think this should work pretty well, but it needs some testing and probably some UI work.

Andy spotted a bug in the preferred content expressions I was using to handle untrusted remotes. So he saved me several hours dealing with an ugly bug at some point down the line. I had misread my own preferred content expression documentation, and copies=semitrusted:1 was not doing what I thought it was. Added a new syntax that does what I need, copies=semitrusted+:1

The 64 bit linux standalone builds are back. Apparently the 32 bit builds have stopped working on recent Fedora, for reasons that are unclear. I set up an autobuilder to produce the 64 bit builds.