Decided to only make bare git repos on remote ssh servers. This configurator is aimed at using a server somewhere, which is probably not going to be running the assistant. So it doesn't need a non-bare repo, and there's nothing to keep the checked out branch in a non-bare repo up-to-date on such a server, anyway. For non-bare repos on locally accessible boxes, the pairing configurator will be the thing to use, instead of this one.

Note: While the remote ssh configurator works great, and you could even have the assistant running on multiple computers and use it to point them all at the same repo on a server, the assistant does not yet support keeping such a network topology in sync. That needs some of the ideas in cloud to happen, so clients can somehow inform each other when there are changes. Until that happens, the assistant polls only every 30 minutes, so it'll keep in sync with a 30 minute delay.

This configurator can also set up encryped rsync special remotes. Currently it always encrypts them, using the shared cipher mode of git-annex's encryption. That avoids issues with gpg key generation and distribution, and was easy to get working.

I feel I'm in a good place now WRT adding repository configurator wizards to the webapp. This one took about 2.5 days, and involved laying some groundwork that will be useful for other repository configurators. And it was probably one of the more complex ones.

Now I should be able to crank out configurators for things like Amazon S3, Bup,, etc fairly quickly. First, I need to do a beta release of the assistant, and start getting feedback from my backers to prioritize what to work on.