Background: git-annex supports storing data in various special remotes. The git-annex assistant will make it easy to configure these, and easy configurators have already been built for a few: removable drives,, locally paired systems, and remote servers with rsync.

Help me prioritize my work: What special remote would you most like to use with the git-annex assistant?

Amazon S3 (done) (8%)

Amazon Glacier (done) (6%) (done) (4%)

My phone (or MP3 player) (38%)

Tahoe-LAFS (14%)

OpenStack SWIFT (8%)

Google Drive (18%)

Total votes: 204

This poll is ordered with the options I consider easiest to build listed first. Mostly because git-annex already supports them and they only need an easy configurator. The ones at the bottom are likely to need significant work. See cloud for detailed discussion.

Have another idea? Absolutely need two or more? Post comments..