Please describe the problem.

I had "fun" today doing some initial configuration of a laptop with Windows 10. I remembered that I need to install Git first, so did that first, 64 bit since that is what is the laptop is. Then when got to install git-annex remembered that it is recommended to install 32bit built of Git instead. Oh well, I left a comment and proceeded hoping to resolve rsync issue if/when arises. The problem came upon reboot when I got "Windows Script Host" error "Can not find script file C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd\git-annex-autostart.vbs". Oh well, indeed -- there is no " (x86)\Git" and as described above it was "on purpose". So it feels that some "recommended" value is hard-coded somewhere?

P.S. I really hope that someone eventually takes time to make git-annex become available for Windows from conda-forge.

Made the NSIS gitInstallDir probe which of PROGRAMFILES/Git and PROGRAMFILES/Git exists, and use whichever. done --Joey