The Android port is just about usable. Still, we have some fun todo items to improve it.

high-priority TODO

  • ?Android app permission denial on startup
  • S3 doesn't work (at least to Internet Archive: "connect: does not exist (connection refused)")
  • Get app into Google Play and/or FDroid


  • Don't make app initially open terminal + webapp, but go to a page that allows opening the webapp or terminal.
    Possibly, switch from running inside terminal app to real standalone app. See and

  • I have seen an assistant thread crash with an interrupted system call when the device went to sleep while it was running. Auto-detect and deal with that somehow.

  • Make git stop complaining that "warning: no threads uspport, ignoring --threads"
  • git does not support http remotes. To fix, need to port libcurl and allow git to link to it.
  • getEnvironment is broken on Android and a few places use it. I have some horrible workarounds in place.
  • Get local pairing to work. network-multicast and network-info don't currently install.
  • Get test suite to pass. git clone of a local repo fails on android for some reason.
  • Make app autostart on boot, optionally.
  • The app should be aware of power status, and avoid expensive background jobs when low on battery or run flat out when plugged in.
  • The app should be aware of network status, and avoid expensive data transfers when not on wifi. This may need to be configurable.
  • glacier and local pairing are not yet enabled for Android.
  • The "Files" link doesn't start a file browser. Should be possible to do on Android via intents, I suppose?
  • Adding removable drives would work, but the android app is not in the appropriate group to write to them. WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE permission needed. Added to AndroidManifest, but did not seem to be used. Googleing for it will find a workaround that needs a rooted device.