Help me choose a goal for the month of December. The last poll showed a lot of interest in using the git-annex assistant with phones, etc.

Background: git-annex uses symbolic links in its repositories. This makes it hard to use with filesystems, such as FAT, that do not support symbolic links. FAT filesystems are the main storage available on some Android devices that have a micro-SD card. Other, newer Android devices don't have a SD card and so avoid this problem.

I can either work on the idea described in desymlink, which could solve the symlink problem and also could lead to a nicer workflow to editing files that are stored in git-annex.

Or, I can work on Android porting, and try to get the assistant working on Android's built-in storage.

solve the symlink problem first (81%)

port to Android first (17%)

other (1%)

Total votes: 99