As I prepare to dive back into development, now is a good time to review what I've built so far, and how well I'm keeping up with my planned roadmap.

I started working two and a half months ago, so am nearing the end of the three months I originally asked to be funded for on Kickstarter.

I've built much of what I planned to build in the first three months -- inotify is done (and kqueue is basically working, but needs scalability work), local syncing is done, the webapp works, and I've built some of the first configurators. It's all functional in a narrow use case involving syncing to removable drives.

progressbars still need to be dealt with, and network syncing needs to be revisited soon, so that I can start building easy configurators for further use cases, like using the cloud, or another machine on the local network.

I think I'm a little behind my original schedule, but not too bad, and at the same time, I think I've built things rather more solidly than I expected them to be at this point. I'm particularly happy with how well the inotify code works, no matter what is thrown at it, and how nice the UI in the webapp is shaping up to be.

I also need to get started on fulfilling my Kickstarter rewards, and I was happy to spend some time in the airport working on the main blocker toward that, a lack of a scalable git-annex logo, which is needed for printing on swag.

Turns out that inkscape has some amazing bitmap tracing capabilities. I was able to come up with this scalable logo in short order, it actually took longer to add back the colors, as the tracer generated a black and white version.

With that roadblock out of the way, I am moving toward ordering large quantities of usb drives, etc.